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Note: as with all web pages, this is under construction. Some of the picture titles are linked to more information about the character(s) in question, but most aren't (yet). However, there are no links to pages just saying ``this page isn't written yet''.

Most of the Pigs & Toasters characters were created by Tracy Furutani and Mark Purtill, with input from other strange individuals. However, everything on these pages was done by Mark Purtill, so don't blame Tracy if you don't like it.

Pigs & Toasters

Cast of Characters

Oink Zeggpold

Kristy Shipp

Space Bureaucrats

Samwise Thunderclap and Hubert H. Dawg

IBS Berglundtrek

Quake McFubber

The Rotating Eggplants of Doom

Paul "Boinky" McGee

Other pigs

Dr. Two

Cmdr Sysco and Captain Holliston

Of The Toasters Of Power and The Third Age

Zen Pigs' Funnies

The Happy Hollistons

Some issues of Pigs & Toasters were originally in paper form.

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