Oink Zeggpold

Oink Zeggpold

O2 [Snr Bur], MiniZegg. Decorations: mv hrt, supply eff, good cond. Citzn: Bergl (res). Bn: Monterey Jack I.C., ref stat, granted res (Holliston v. Boards of Trade).

Eggpl. Acad., B.Bur. Thesis: Effect of Toasters on the 2nd Battle of Bergland.

Current Posting: Miranda Station, Uranian System.

Past Posting: MBB-0690 Berglundtrek.

Relatives: pat: Grunt Zeggpold. mat: the late Dame Clarrisa Zeggpold, O.B.E., P.I.G.

Oink is a slightly overweight pig of about 33. He was born on the planet of Monterey Jack, where the Empire of Bergland had established an illegal colony. Bayesian Qats dispersed the colony, causing some death, devastation, and horror, so he tells people his planet was `destroyed by qats'.

Arriving on Urth as a refugee, Oink eventually joined the Space Bureaucrats. He is reasonably good at bureaucracy, but not at much of anything else.

Oink has also appeared in birthday cards, and as a professional billiards player (though billiards is more like pro wrestling in Bergland).

Eventually, he will rise to the rank of Major [Snr Chf Bur], and get a doctorate in bureaucracy. He will assist Kristy Shipp in solving a series of baffling mysteries in the city of Vrglnt.

Recently (well, not that recently), Oink has been having some odd dreams....

Oink has a seldom-used account on Mastodon.

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