Kristy Shipp

Kristy Shipp

O3 [Jnr Chf Bur], MiniZegg/O2 IESA. Decorations: prp livr, Imp silvr star, eggplnt for extremism in the defense of food. Citzn: Imp/Bergl (res). Bn: Celebus Porc. Auton. Oblast.

Eggpl. Acad., B.Bur. (Hon) Thesis: Xenobiodegradable aspects of the 1st Interstellar War [Vulc Acad Sci Awd]

Current Posting: Unavailable

Past Posting: MBB-0690 Berglundtrek.

Past Posting: Vlard Exper. Res. Stn.

Kristy is an extremely competent pig. It's no surprise that she believes she will be president some day.

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