INS Berglundtrek (0MBB-0690)


The Imperial Berglundic Ship Berglundtrek is assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Imperial Eggplant and Silliness Administration (IESA) as IBS Berglundtrek.

It is currently on loan to the Imperial Navy, carried on the books as INS Berglundtrek (a clever ruse to throw off Onion spies and not a typo at all) on a top secret mission you may never-the-less read about here. References to INV Berglundrek also exist.

The known personnel were as follows:

*Marks individuals believed no longer on the Berglundtrek on the current mission. Other animals may have been promoted as well.

The Berglundtrek is one of the few ships of its class which is equipped with both artificial gravity and transporters. Both are in poor repair due to the difficulty of getting spare parts.

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