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This page lists all the (originally paper) back issues of Pigs & Toasters, the comic book featuring Oink Zeggpold, Kristy Shipp, and evil Bayesian Qats. They are now available online in the Archives of Pigs and Toasters; paper copies are no longer available.

Issues are listed in chronological order.

The very beginning is now considered apocryphal by most scholars.

The M.I.T. Issues

CMITZ cover

609 Kristy joins Oink on the BT crew and helps round up some Quisp in the possession of Quake McFubber.

610 The mysterious Dr. Two appears as Kristy is taken prisoner.

  The Complete M.I.T. Zeggpold An omnibus edition of issues 609 and 610. Online.

  The Complete M.I.T. Zeggpold Upgrade Kit For owners of issues 609 and 610.

Texas Issues

The Greatest Billiards in the Galaxy Issues

  611 The Greatest Billiards in the Galaxy, complete in one issue.

PBN Comics Another Dr. Two appears in this Pro Wrestling parody. Contains the first two parts of TGBITG.

611 1/2 The mysterious Dr. Two, Daleggs, and more wrestling in the musical part of TGBITG.

611 3/4 Conclusion of the critically ignored TGBITG. Includes notes on all four parts and full color cover.

Note: The numbering is sort of strange here. 611 1/2 and 611 3/4 probably ought to be called 611 part 2 and 611 part 3.

612 Toast Passages. Oink and several Kristys encounter commanders of rival space stations.

Washington Issue

613 Start of a new story, featuring a 2001 bit. [Also available here.]

The story continues online.

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