Portraits of Oink (not by Mark)

Thanks and three million cheers to all the artists who've illustrated the pig!

Oink Zeggpold by Los Hermanos Furutani.

Oink's MZDM Psychedelic Avatar card, by Oni.

Oink's alternate Psychedelic Avatar card, by Karol Luis

Oink and Silver by Oni

Oink by Asuma

Oink by Daync Celdra

3D Oink by Donevan Blake

Oink as one of Lila's Pretty Pink Piggies

Oink is on a couple of Avatar Adventure Cards, including A Gang of Idiots Present Romeo and Juliette, featuring Oink as King Arthur:

and Fragment, featuring Oink as Dr. Zeggpold, friend and companion to the famous detective, Kristy Shipp:

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